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Empowering Generation Z to inspire and achieve Global Goals by 2030

One Student | One Story | One Degree Shift

Exclusively for For Age 10 to 99

Need for G30 Challenge ?

The G30 - Global Generation Goals Challenge, was born out of an experience called Ology HOST.

Ology HOST acts as an inspiration and skill development platform for children to challenge, explore and evolve during the on-spot Challenges and workshops in the event. This progress can be witnessed in terms of their 21st century skills like problem solving, new perspectives and gain confidence to take on any Challenges.

“G30 will be a platform where kids take on global challenges in their local context and come up with solutions that are easily implemented and scaled across cities. ”

Goals of G30 Challenge

The G30 Challenge came into existence with these missions as focus

  • 1. To spread the awareness of the SDG’s (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).
  • 2. To nudge people in solving these SDG’s to reach the goals by 2030.
  • 3. Students are smart problem solvers and we aim to help them understand our global problems in their local context.
  • 4. To showcase, Inspire, develop & implement the solutions brought out by the students of our country on the World stage.

Simple Steps to Make a Shift


Pledge as an Individual or a maximum of 3 members

Before taking the pledge, you or your team should come up with a problem statement of your selected Goal that satisfies the following criteria

  • 1. Should be able to solve it personally/ or a team, hence within their capacity.
  • 2. Reason Why do you/team want to solve this problem?
  • 3. Problems should be solvable within your/ your team’s own environment. Ex. school, home, community, etc.
  • 4. Problem statements should not include solutions.
  • 5. Choose a problem that is within your/ your team’s financial budget to solve. ( I would suggest not adding it since financial constraint will be a priority on their mind)

Take a Pledge to Solve the Problem (once you take the pledge, you will receive a unique G30 ID’s for you to easily share your story with us)

Register Now


Below are step by step guide on how you can act to solve the problem

  • Step1 : List down different ways to address the problem you had pledged to solve
  • Step 2 : Step 1: List down different ways to address the problem you had pledged to solve
  • Step 3 : Get into Action
  • Step 4 : Come up with a Video/ blog post/Word Document/ Image/ Podcast on how your action can inspire others to follow
  • Step 5 : Make a note of which UN Sustainable Goals you are impacting in your story. Go through the goals listed below or checkout globalgoals.org for more details (Shouldn’t this be the 1st point ?)


Share your story ( This will be open every month between 1st and 24th)

We are there to listen to you in multiple formats, choose the formats that you are most comfortable with

  • 1. Video - Should be within 60 sec (upload in youtube or drive)
  • 2. Blog - maximum 300 words/post with pictures if needed (use medium.com)
  • 3. Word Document - maximum 300 words with pictures if needed
  • 4. Image - with a text line of maximum 240 characters ( Upload the image with the Text)
  • 5. Audio - length of maximum 90 seconds ( Record audio and upload)

Share Your Story

D GROW ( check out results 30th of every month )

  • 1. Stories will be evaluated by our panel of judges
  • 2. All the submissions satisfying the criteria will be published in our Ology HOST social media pages
  • 3. Impactful story will be highlighted every month and the participants will receive digital certificates
  • 4. Mentorships will be provided to take the impact to the next level
  • 5. Participants can influence their friends, family to take up the challenge


In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and address the urgency of climate change. Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone.