Good Health And Well-Being

About the goals

Good health is essential to sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda reflects the complexity and interconnectedness of the two. It takes into account widening economic and social inequalities, rapid urbanization, threats to the climate and the environment, the continuing burden of HIV and other infectious diseases, and emerging challenges such as noncommunicable diseases.

Universal health coverage will be integral to achieving SDG 3, ending poverty and reducing inequalities.

There’s a 31-year gap between the countries with the shortest and longest life expectancies. Multisectoral, rights-based and gender-sensitive approaches are essential to address inequalities and to build good health for all.

It also aims to achieve universal health coverage, including financial risk protection, access to quality healthcare services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines. It also calls for a renewed focus on mental health issues.

Why is it important and what is the current scenario?

Economic and social advancements can neither be secure nor sustainable unless sufficient investments are made to protect and promote health and well-being for all, at all ages. While sustained efforts have to be made for India to achieve the targets set under Goal 3 the country has made impressive gains on key indicators. The maternal mortality ratio has declined to 130 in 2014-16 from 254 in 2004-06. Under 5 mortality rate is 50 in 2015-16 compared to 74% in 2005-06.